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 Monica Genske


Monica Genske is an artist living in the Warrens area. Monica loves the fine arts and has a special affinity towards painting and photography since she was little. She remembers working outside with paint sets of watercolors and acrylics at the age of five and receiving her first camera when she was ten.

Throughout her life, she has pursued the arts in elementary, high school, college and then as a graphic artist. Monica tries to pair her love of the natural world and art:

 “Nature is very inspiring to me and I try to express this in my artwork. There is always an opportunity for a fresh perspective with each change of the seasons. I used to spend a lot of time outdoors while growing up. I remember the sense of excitement I felt when the leaves began to turn in the fall or when the first snowflakes fell and turned everything white. I’ve never lost that sense of wonder of the natural world around me.”  

She has a monochrome series of photography and other works currently on display for the winter season. 



Contact Information:

Monica Genske

208 Hayes Street, Warrens WI 54666

(608) 378-3344

 Digital Photography: "Pretty Sisters"


  Digital Photography: "Oaks in Lace"


 Digital Photography: "October Fire"



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