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Master’s Touch Creations


Kathleen St. Germain


Wisconsin born and raised in rural Warrens, I have always enjoyed creating with my hands, my heart, and my mind. A career in cosmetology fulfilled this design in my youth.

Oil painting was enjoyed in the late 60’s for a brief time. Early 2004 brought forth a new adventure, the study of watercolor media. Weekly drives to scenic La Crosse, Wisconsin for training under the tutelage of Ellen Roles; a watercolor artist for over 30 years.

Workshop instructors who imparted a touch of their style include: Michaelin Otis, Raleigh Kinney, Gloria Miller Allen, Mel Stabin and Jeanne Ruchti.

I am so thankful for all the lovely people I have met along the way in this traverse. I have concluded one thought that is truth to me, I have no talent except by Our Master’s hand, thus named this enterprise “Master’s Touch Creations” and to Him be all Glory. To all my new artist friends I say:

“Keep on painting, I love to see what He has given you to do.”

Contact Information:

Master's Touch Creations

4889 U.S. HWY 12

Warrens, Wisconsin 54666








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