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Watercolorist, Del Lucka is a native of Warrens, WI.

Del did not pursue her artistic talents until later in life, which is not untypical. She, first became a professional rosemaler and won national awards.

Not until retirement did she begin her watercolors. It seemed that there were already enough landscape artists but the calling to paint would not go away says Del. A neighbor was teaching watercolor painting. Del thought they were exceptionally beautiful and so she signed up for the classes. The teacher was a desert painter and as they both lived in the California desert, Del became a desert painter. Painting the desert and the skies are her favorite subjects.

Del’s husband encouraged her to paint birds and she now has a series of seven sandhill crane paintings. She is currently working on more sandhill paintings and has always the loved the bogs and swamps around Warrens.

Del spends her summers painting the Warrens area and her winters in California painting the deserts and the big skies. However, she does have another passion and that is painting lighthouses, of which she has painted many. She loves to paint the light in the sky and the lighthouses and add a scripture to finish the beauty that we all see.

 Watercolor: "Cranberries"

Del pictured with WRAP Honerable Mention 2011 Watercolor: "Marsh 1"


 Watercolor: "Sandhills 1"


Contact Information:

Del Lucka

Tomah, WI

(608) 343-0808


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