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 Craig Zahrte

Craig Zahrte is a potter and sculptor. He established  Paradise Valley Artz, in rural Warrens, Wisconsin in 1998, where he works and teaches pottery and the ceramic arts. Craig holds a Bachelor of Art degree from UW Wisconsin-LaCrosse and a Masters Degree in Studio Arts from Morehead State University.

Craig has spent the last thirty years working in clay and other media. He looks to ancient history for inspiration, along with elements in nature, and applies those principles into his designs. Craig comments about his special affinity with clay:

“You can do anything with clay, any design, form or shape. The trick is to be able to overcome the limitations of a soft material. Every piece has its own set of property challenges.”

Craig is currently the president of the Tomah Arts Guild.  He is also the producer of  "Bards and Ballads"  the annual stage show of local songs and stories.


Contact Information:

Paradize Valley Artz

20577 Arcadia Avenue

Warrens, WI 54666

(608) 343-5867

 Ceramic Art Vessels

"Celtic Cross"


"Serpent Talisman"


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